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(Tenebrio Molitor)

Tenebrio Molitor, commonly known as Mealworms, are similar to superworms in that they are hard-bodied larvae, very inexpensive and follow the same pupate pattern.  The only difference between the mealworm and superworm is in size.  Mealworms are small, as are the pupae and resulting beetle.

They make great crunchy treats for most animals.

Remember to keep mealworms in the fridge to prevent pupation.


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can grow up to 1.5" in length

Note: As with any species, do not feed an exclusive diet of only one insect.  In the wild, all animals that feed on insects will eat 50 or more varieties, giving the animal a varied vitamin and mineral intake.  As pet owners or breeders, we must approximate the feeding habits and the best way to do this is by feeding an exotic mix of bugs.